Making Tarzan nut fast

Making Tarzan nut fast was delicious! It’s been a long time since we had the pleasure of enjoying this sexy dude here at BeefCakeHunter land. So, when I had the opportunity to invite him once again to the BCH arena, I was very happy. There is something about this sexy married man’s cock that drives me crazy

I know that many Hunters do not like men with long hair, personally, I have no problem with it, if they are very manly, as Tarzan is, that’s why on this occasion I made him pick up his long hair to project a different look.

With the blessing of his girlfriend, Tarzan saved two days’ load for us, and as soon I got on my knees, I started rubbing his package to get him in the mood, and by the moment I took off his pants, I went straight for his beautiful big balls, slowly getting him into the “zone” while he was moaning softly.

As I mentioned above, Tarzan’s cock drives me crazy, so I sucked in every possible way, going from fast and rough to slow and sensual, just hearing him moan was enough to keep myself on the edge, at some point, I even dared to kiss his hairy chest, I know, I got very close to his face, maybe a missing opportunity for a kiss lol

I know that I orally serviced him longer than expected for a fuck scene and I knew I would be Making Tarzan nut fast, so I decided to put the condom on and get on my fours to receive that big tool in my tight hole.

Once on my fours, Tarzan started to pound me well, his perfect-shaped tool goes well inside my hole, the feeling was amazing, and since he was already way into the zone, he had my blessing to not worry too much about the timing, you know, sometimes the Beefcakes want to give us a good long performance, but in this case that wouldn’t work for him, so I saved him the stress lol, of course, I wish it have lasted longer but, at least he nutted good!

I hope you guys enjoy this video Making Tarzan nut fast.

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