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Magreloxl and Jhoownas – Brasileiros

We love watching boyfriends play together. We also love watching boys who just happen to be friends play together as well, especially if one is straight. That’s what we walked into when we met Jhoownas and Magrelo while on production. We met them at the bar and offered to film them fucking. They jumped at it. But not as fast as Jhoownas jumped on Magrelo’s cock. After some kissing, it was time to suck on a big fat dick. Jhoownas had no issue doing his job of waking the beast as he gave his mouth to the efforts. Then it was his time to enjoy as Margrelo feasted on Jhoownas’s tasty hole until it was ready to take his meat. It didn’t take long before they were going at it on the bed as we filmed it all. Eventually, it was time to unload and what nice loads they were.

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