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Kane Fox & Tristan Hunter

Kane Fox & Tristan Hunter have a history which began as Twitter flirting and has become a friends-with-benefits relationship, anchored by a strong bond of mutual admiration. Of course, there’s also powerful sexual chemistry as you’ll see here from the start.

Tristan starts things off sucking Kane, who enjoys it thoroughly but also can’t wait to return the favor on Tristan’s big dick. Kane blows him, sucks his balls and laps at his hole which makes Tristan want to suck him again so he lies back for Kane to face fuck him. Kane can’t help but get into a 69 with Tristan, but as he gets more excited, he really wants to fuck.

Kane stands Tristan against the large window kneels down to eat out his ass and once he’s got his hole thoroughly spit lubed, Kane fucks Tristan—who’s been eagerly awaiting this. Tristan gets a deep pounding, then turns to suck Kane –on his knees and back in bed. And once Kane’s cock is slicked up again, Tristan sits on it and rides him with passionate energy.

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