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Gabriel Clark fucks Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews brings his bottom energy back to CockyBoys for a scene with Gabriel Clark and lays it all on the line, candidly expressing all the many things that make for a satisfying sexual experience. His checklist pretty much matches up with the ways of Gabriel right from the start when they kiss & neck and Mitch’s crotch swells up with a raging hard-on.

As Gabriel sucks him, Mitch’s cock gets even harder illustrating just how turned on he is. After getting Gabriel’s masterclass cocksucking, Mitch returns the favor, while taking the time to truly admire and savor every inch of Gabriel’s uncut cock. While engaged in a 69, Mitch also urges him to not hold back and throat-fuck him deep and Gabriel is astounded.

Gabriel has some pleasure to give too. As Mitch is turned around, Gabriel tongues his hole and uses his magic fingers to massage his prostate and bring him to the heights of ecstasy, especially as he starts fucking and pounding that hole. In the midst of this, Mitch shows his bottom prowess by flexing his hole and gripping Gabriel’s cock, again astounding the sexy top.

Mitch shows his talents again as he rides Gabriel and takes a deep upward pounding before Gabriel flips him on his back to finish him off. Alternately sucking and stroking Mitch while he fucks him, Gabriel brings him to the edge and while their eyes fixed on each other, Mitch strokes out a huge load and in turn, Gabriel shoots a wild and big load. If you had any doubt how much Mitch loved this just look at his widened eyes and broad smile.

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